Disaster Recovery Mode

I envision this Ontological Museum Archives website as the central hub for publishing and keeping up with the physical collection in the archives containing thousands and thousands of works. Unfortunately, after massive amounts of organizational work over the last several years, due to an upgrade at my hosting service, the website got messed up and I lost much of that work when all of the inventory blogs went missing. The last months I have not been able to deal with this disaster due to relocating to Albuquerque and getting set up here. The main body of the archives is still in Santa Fe at the moment.

I have to admit that the global pandemic really shifted my rhythm and my attention. I find myself much more internal and focused on my own artistic work in the studio the last couple of years and now that I am in my late 60’s, I have decided to slow down a bit. One of my recent sayings is “if you have to keep a ‘to do’ list you are doing too much”.

So I am just now starting to get my head above water and starting to figure out what to do with this website. Luckily I came across a fellow on fiverr.com who is expert at wordpress and has at least gotten the basic website back up and running properly. So what I have decided to do, provisionally at least, is to link to all of the old blogger.com blogs that show a lot of the inventory, no where close to everything, but enough at least to show proof of life. I am hoping to have my new wordpress friend take over a lot of the website work that, quite frankly I am growing weary of doing myself. Please bare with us as we continue to work on this problem. The links to all of the older inventory blogs can be found on the COLLECTION page.

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