The International
Post Dogmatist Group

Our Activities

The Ontological Museum is the ‘Proof of Life’ of the International Post Dogmatist Group. It is a record of the nature of our being as a group. The Group was first formed in 1987 as a response to Post Modernism. The Group calls itself the ‘Official Avant Garde’ because each member is encouraged to communicate through the persona or nom de plume of an office, chair, desk, bureau, facility, institution, etc.  The Ontological Museum is, itself, such a persona. More on this elsewhere…

To the right are a few examples of works in the permanent collection. The collection is predominately an accumulation of works donated by artists from all over the world either as independent gifts or for various past projects and exhibitions.

Ontological Museum

The departments

The museum’s collection is composed of artifacts from a variety of interconnected arts communities.

Dept of Linguistic Records

visual poetry, asemics, writings

see asemics magazine

Archives of the Eternal Network

Mail Art, correspondence art


Int’l Museum of Collage, assemblage and construction

collage and assemblage art


Dept. of Photographic Records

documentory, vernacular photography, etc

see The Museum of Snapshot Photography

The Fluxmuseum

Fluxus community related artifacts



Fluxus Laboratories

Experimental Fluxus Art Research


This website is an International Post Dogmatist Group affiliated project.