This is a German Archives fitted by Bruynzeel Storage Systems. Something like the above is what we are envisioning for our storage for the Museum’s archives and then the building to put it in. We don’t quite have this much stuff just YET but we will at the current rate of growth.  Actually, now that I am looking,  we DO  have enough artifacts to fill up the drawers and shelves section to the right believe it or not! (amazing what accumulates over 25 years!) Instead of the shelving on the left (except for framed art) we need chairs and table and computers and a small staff. Currently we are three volunteers who are starting to grumble

The Ontological Museum is an archive of thousands and thousands of works of art by collage artists, assemblage artists, mail artists, concrete and asemic poets and Fluxus artists. It is a unique and invaluable 21st Century Art Project created by contemporary artists to document and preserve for the future an art collection that would not otherwise exist. The OM is the home of several wings such as the International Museum of Collage, Assembage and Construction, The Fluxmuseum and the Archives of the Eternal Network.

The OM is celebrating its 25th anniversary during the year 2019. And we are now working very hard to pull all the parts together as a single whole to make it easier to see the magnitude and importance of this project online.

Accomplishing this task is expensive and time consuming and requires a lot of hands. We are asking for you to become a member at any of the levels listed to help us grow and keep the collection well organized and online so that all of the artists who have contributed works to the collection may benefit from the exposure we are providing and hope to continue to provide.

We also produce niche market books and catalogs for the collection as well as physical and digital exhibitions. We also need to upgrade our archive and storage facilities for the collection so that we can keep things archived properly and well documented. There  is also the need of museum quality archival framing of works for exhibition purposes and the requisite storage for framed works. We are at 7,000 feet altitude in the High Desert because it is good for paper: low moisture and low insect population. Without your generous support we are unable to proceed forward.

Won’t you sign up and become a member? We need and are grateful for your support!

We have 4 annual membership options listed…

  • $5.00 a month is a basic membership that helps us provide access to all of the Museum’s websites and a member discount of 10% off of the Museum’s publications and workshops.
  • $10.00 a month includes the above and us sending you postcards for exhibitions by mail and a collage kit containing scraps of collage material from Cecil Touchon’s collage studio and possibly other  mailed items during the course of your subscription.
  • $25.00 a month gets all the above plus a publication from  Ontological Museum Publications once a year.
  • $50.00  per month comes with all of the above plus 25% off on one of any workshops we offer during your annual subscription (we’ll be listing these soon) and at least one additional publication or other cool items and your name listed as a sponsor to any projects or publications produced during your annual membership.

We need your financial support. PLEASE BECOME A MEMBER!

Subscription Options

You may also make a one time contribution using the button below in any amount.

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