We’ll put links to the works in the collection here as we migrate all the inventory from Blogger.com to this independent site using the open source WordPress.org blogging software. While it would seem easy to migrate from one system to another, actually it is an amazing amount of work. The blogs as a whole do move in the original order of posts but the images have to be reinserted on each and every page meaning that it takes about a week of working day and night to set up each blog and then fix all the problems.

Additionally, some of the digital images are not quite up to the quality we can get on this new system so we will have to do some work later to re-photograph some of the works so they are large enough and look good. So please be patient as we make our massive migration and upgrade.

 We are setting up to be a multi-site which is a series of independent wordpress installations on the same domain name. When we are ready, we will alter our search feature to take in all sites on this domain to make it easy to find things.

To begin, here are links to the collection as it has come in and been registered by the year. It wasn’t until 2010/2011 that we finally determined exactly how we wanted to keep track of the continual influx of works and decided to consider all works as a single collection regardless of which wing of the museum any given work came in for. This greatly simplified the control of the inventory based on the idea that the best logic is chronologic. 

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2000 Inventory Blog
2001 Inventory Blog
2002 Inventory Blog
2003 Inventory Blog
2004 Inventory Blog
2005 Inventory Blog
2006 Inventory Blog
2007 Inventory Blog
2008 Inventory Blog
2009 Inventory Blog 
2010 Inventory Blog
2011 Inventory Blog
2012 Inventory Blog
2013 Inventory Blog
2014 Inventory Blog
2015 Inventory Blog
2016 Inventory Blog
2017 Inventory Blog
2018 Inventory Blog
2019 Inventory Blog
2020  Inventory Blog

2009 is currently a mess. Need to rebuild. These blogs are not completely finished -some have only had the blog installed but not built but many are complete enough to get an idea of what we are doing in the back end of the site.  Only one blog is completely finished which is 2019. You will know when a year is complete when you see a catalog listed for sale for that year. This will be the case with every year after 2019.

We’ll be going over the collection with a fine tooth comb, put everything in the right place, make sure everything is inventoried so that we can confidently produce the catalog for each year.

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