This blog is used to inventory works coming into the collection of Cecil Touchon’s Ontological Museum in 2010. There are actually a very large number of works coming in this year because of our several projects and also because of a significant gift of 172 collages from the family of Nerina Cocchi Zecchini see this developing site here:

The projects this year include
Fluxhibition #4 (128 works) –
Fluxhibition #5 (about 60 works) –
A Book About Death (about 600 postcards and works of art) – 
Fluxface in Space (250 unique postcards and photos) –
The Fluxcase Micro Museum (about 200 works – ongoing) –

In addition there are a multitude of works coming into the Museum of Snapshot Photography (about 2,000 vintage snapshots) through the collecting efforts of Cecil Touchon and things are always coming in via the Archives of the Eternal Network

We could really use your help! The Ontological Museum is a huge art project that collects across the contemporary moment through the goodwill of artists all over the world. But it also takes money. Consider being a patron by becoming a subscribing member!

follow this link to join us.

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