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Pop Art quotes

"Everything is beautiful. Pop is everything."  Andy Warhol 

"I am for an art that takes its forms from the lines of life itself, that twists and extends and accumulates and spits and drips and is heavy and coarse and blunt and sweet and stupid as life itself."  Claes Oldenburg 

"Sometimes you fantasize that people who are really up there and rich and living it up have something you don't have, and their things must be better than your things because they have more money than you. But they drink the same Coke and eat the same hot dogs and wear the same clothes and see the same TV and the same movies. . . You can get just as revolted as they can -- you can have the same nightmares. All this is really American." Andy Warhol 


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29 in. x 29 in.

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Art Print
31 in. x 23 in.


Pop Art: A Continuing History
by Marco Livingstone
Usually ships in 3 to 4 days

Pop-Art Postcard Book

Pop Art
by Steven Henry Madoff (Editor)

Pop Art (Phaidon Colour Library)
by Jamie James

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Pop Art (Big Art Series)
by Tilman Osterwold

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by Jim Edwards, et al

"Pop art is the American Dream, optimistic, generous, and naive!" Robert Indiana

"I think a painting is more like the real world if it's made out the real world."  Robert Rauschenberg 

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