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The Ontological Museum is now producing its own publications. see here

Publishers of materials related to or in the collection of the Ontological Museum including materials related to the International Post-Dogmatist Group, The FluxNexus, The Neoist Society, The International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists, The Archives of the Eternal Network, The Collage Museum, The FluxMuseum, etc.


fluxface in spaceFluxFace in Space -  Utilizing the Face In Space Program from NASA - they organized a "Fluxface in Space" exhibition launched into orbit on the last two Space Shuttles! These final missions include a rendezvous with the International Space Station. 127 artists from 25 nations created an original postcard sized works of art, in various media, interpreting the themes of Space Exploration & the Arts, the Shuttle Program, Outer Space, Rockets, Astronauts, Astronomy etc. This is a commemorative project around the fact that the Space Shuttle program comes to an end after these last two flights.  179 pages 9x6 inches softcover color print: $55.00 FLUXHIBITION #3: Thinking Inside of the Box - Boxes, Cases, Kits and Containers from the Permanent Collection
This may well be one of the most significant art exhibits of its kind - certainly of the early 21st century. There are a small handful of established exhibitions designed to showcase the current state of the arts, such as the Venice Biennale; however, what's amazing about this exhibit is that it's not organized by a major institution (along with the inherent politics), but rather by a group of artists who truly are in life's trenches - where the "real world" interfaces with artistic expression.
130 pages - 11x8.5 softcover color print: $49.00
art of collage The Art of Collage - Selected Works on Paper by Cecil Touchon
This nearly 200 page book is lavishly illustrated with more than one hundred and fifty full color collages by Cecil Touchon created between 2004-2009. Touchon is widely recognized as a master of the art of collage. Touchon's work is found in prestigious museum and corporate collections around the world. Touchon is also the founding director of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction a wing of the Ontological Museum - his over-arching 'Total Art' project.
Print: $75.00
markov Markov Suit Shake - for John M. Bennett
Markov Suit Shake is a single epic post-minimalist poem to be read aloud. Inspired by a short poem by John M. Bennett, Touchon explores the randomizing effects of a Markov synthesizer in this Fluxus classic.
Print: $15.00
white White on White - Selections from the Permanent Collection of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction
White works of art have been a constant theme in modern art history since the early 20th century. White on White is an exhibition of works that explores white and include mixed media, paintings, photographs, constructions, assemblages, collages, photo montages, weavings, poems, Massurrealist and Fluxus works. Artists from Russia, Germany, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Panama and Portugal are represented in the exhibition.
Print: $43.00
fluxhibition 2 New and Improved Fluxus: Fluxhibition #2 Classic and Contemporary Scores, Instructions and Artifacts by Fluxus Artists
Catalog for the October 2008 Exhibition at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Works by Angelo Ricciardi, Antonio Picardi, Jamie Newton, Allan Revich, Lorraine Kwan, Gregory Steel, Walter Cianciusi, Yoko Ono, Luc Fierens, Jim Leftwich, Ken Friedman, Jeff Hogue, Rebecca Cunningham, Don Boyd, Neil Horsky, Larry Miller, Fluxdada, Karl Heinz Jeron, Marco Geovenale, Patrick Anderson-McQuoid and Tomas Schmit, George Brecht, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Carol Starr, Cecil Touchon, Keith Buchholz, John M. Bennett, Reid Wood, Reed Altemus, Sheila Murphy,
Print: $47.50
under Under the Influence
Exhibition Catalog - Artists were asked to make a work in honor of one of the artists that they consider as influential on their own development and to make an additional work in their own typical way of working. This international exhibition has participating artists from, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and the USA. ARTISTS INCLUDE: Gary A. Bibb, Joan Schulze, Robert Tucker, Anthony Cricchio, Katie Gutierrez, Dilar Pereira, Ellen Filreis, Catherine Molland, Berni Stephanus, Marianne Lettieri, Claudia Drake, Cecil Touchon, Reid Wood, Maria Spissu Nilson, Lis Gundlach-Sell, Nazimova Boheme, Susan Gertz, Keith Buchholz. ARTIST HOMAGES: Andy Warhol, Joseph Stella, Robert Rauschenberg, Hanalore Barron, Paul Klee, Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, Rex Ray, John Cage, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Gustave Klimt, Georgia O'Keefe, Marcel Duchamp, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian, Kurt Schwitters, Hans Arp, Auguste Rodin and Johannes Baargeld.
Print: $39.95
secret The Secret Life of Artists (vol. 1)
The Secret Life of Artists - Volume One - The first in a series of books documenting correspondence from the Collage Museum's email group including illustrations of recently acquired works in the permanent collection.Includes images or correspondence from : Jerome D’Angelo, Karen Bettencourt, Loel Barr, Jane Davila, Victoria Pittman, Matthew Rose, Jeanne Roth, Stephen Linhart, Don Boyd, Kimberly Santiago, Laura Lein-Svencner, AnitaNH, Rebecca DeCourley, Jacqueline Sullivan, Janice McDonald, Joan Schulze, Lois DeCastro, Kate Robinson, Jude Worters, Cecil Touchon, Silvia Bocca, Kathryn Uster, Nancy Bell Scott, Denise Swafford, Natalie Ostin, Alex Kalikantzaros, Ruth Terrill, Frank Turek, Mimi Shapiro, Merry Rozzelle, Woody Mortensen, Cheryl McClure, Michael Carey, Karen Jacobs, Ed Giecek, Joan Summey, Jonathan Talbot, and others.
Print: $12.95
 On the Mysterious Nature of Post-Dogmatism  Cecil Touchon - The long awaited essay written for poets on the mysterious nature of post-dogmatism. It is a non-objective lecture to be performed before a receptive audience. Natural Born Fluxus - Childhood Event Scores by Fluxus Artists
Natural Born Fluxus is that tendency among artists to engage in Fluxus-like behaviors even if they never heard of Fluxus. 31 international fluxus artists participated. Edited by Cecil Touchon
The Neoist Manifesto - Documents of Neoism - The Neoist Society -  by Cecil Touchon with 75 images from the Fusion Series. Black and White - 174 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding. The Neoist Society presents this important document of Neoism for a world hungry for a new revolutionary message.
Happy Shopping - Massurrealist Spam Poetry  - Cecil Touchon
114 pages, 6" x 9", jacket-hardcover binding
Touchon extracts material from the very fabric of the massurreality; texts from spam email. In these poems Touchon gives us a contemplative glimpse into contemporary artistic practice where the artist becomes, much more a connector of things than a creator.
The Fusion Series - Cecil Touchon - 56 pages, 8.25" x 10.75", casewrap-hardcover binding, Cecil Touchon explores the boundaries between art and poetry in these elegant and intimate papiers collages composed of bits of lettering and the empty spaces between them. BUY NOW The Spam Poetry Game - An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry
The spam poetry game - now the popular book - was A series of game projects designed and edited by Cecil Touchon to see what poets would do with some of the spam texts found in everyday spam mail and a 48 hour time limit.
In an Agitated Voice - Cecil Touchon 290 pages, 6" x 9", jacket-hardcover binding, several minimalist visual poems
Important Documents of the International Post-Dogmatist Group
Long awaited, this volume of documents commemorates the twenty year anniversary of Post Dogmatism and the formation of the International Post Dogmatist Group.
Fluxus Event Scores by Cecil Touchon - 110 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, This work covers 30 years of fluxus works by Cecil Touchon BUY NOW The Cut and Paste Poets Vol. One - an Anthology of Collage Poetry -
258 pages, 6" x 9", jacket-hardcover binding, a chronological compilation of poetry submitted to an email listserv dedicated to collage poetry.
Cecil Touchon at the New Gallery  Explore the postminimalist paintings and collages of Cecil Touchon spanning a twenty year period. This is a catalog for the exhibition at Thom Andriola's New Gallery in Houston, Texas June/July 2007. This catalog contains 28 full color images including installation shots of the show. Massurrealist Collage Poetry Two Hundred Poems of Cecil Touchon's Massurrealist collage poetry combined into one hardback, collectible edition. This contains "Sell  People Things They Don't Need" and "Is It Necessary to Say Something?"