Flatline the Virus and Immunise the Economy

Greetings fellow artists! If you like this message forward to your friends.

Assume you are infected and stay home for a few weeks and just make art and chill out. One way or another we’ll all get through it and the good part, we are all in it together. None of us are suffering alone. If it turns out you are not sick after two weeks great! It also means you were not out there getting infected. Here in the USA there is clearly a lot of fumbling around going on or we would all, to the last person possible, isolate ourselves all at the same time and contain this virus for the length of time needed to starve it out. So what about this idea?


Like in California, The whole country needs to stay home for a few weeks until we starve this virus. Don’t just flatten the curve – flatline the virus. Starve it out. During that time set up the testing so that everyone in the country can be tested in a rapid and orderly way then send any still infected people back home or to temporary isolation hotels – maybe the Ritz-Carleton or Hilton or various chains since they should be empty of business anyway that could be fitted with medical facilities. (it will bring them lots of goodwill business later)Then a couple of weeks later test everybody one more time to make sure it is all cleaned up. Then it is over. 

That is going to be the fastest way back to normal. And we all can do it! Don’t wait for any government orders or guidance which may never come. Start now! This is one thing where every citizen can make a big difference. Because time is of the essence.

Then screen or isolate everyone coming into the country after that unless the whole planet did the same thing at the same time. Otherwise this is going to drag on indefinitely. And of course, make it a clear simple plan and publicly announce it so that everyone gets it, then lay out the logic of it, then execute exactly as communicated.


Meanwhile, pay everybody what they would have normally made during that shut down so that everyone isn’t starving to death out on the street and/or have a holiday on mortgages/loan payments/credit cards/rent/utilities/insurance/telephone/internet/etc. for the duration. Till all is clear. Most Americans are too poor to just sit around in isolation loosing their asses. We all need help getting through this and we are all being good citizens if we hold up our part. So the government – our government – needs to protect us as much from economic harm as from the virus while we all work together to get through this.

We have all been making all of these companies extremely rich, it is in their best long term interest to help straighten this out. We need to set up where everything can resume normally in the economy. And I don’t mean fix everything AFTER it falls apart. Take care of it and all the workers so it doesn’t fall apart – just keep everything on idle.

We can’t all return to work later so far behind that we can never catch back up. Most of us live hand to mouth already before this happened.

Since we will all be at home, that leaves plenty of time to write your congressman and senator and send physical mail to the White House giving the President all your good suggestions and let him know how things are going in your world. Send a letter every day!

And what the heck, make some mail art to send out to your friends, make some new penpals. You can join the International Union of Mail-Artists

And let’s not forget the collapse of the gallery art market for working artists who live from sales like my family. What are we going to do? Who knows? But we are staying home in the studio! You need to as well. So let’s get with it!

At the time I am writing this: 03/20/20, there are about 271,000 currently known infected world-wide with 11,280 deaths. California and New York State are under new orders to stay home. Check to see what the current condition is on the map link below.

Update: It is now early morning on 03/24/20 – 4 days later.

 There are now 392,000 documented cases worldwide and 17,950 deaths. Congress is working on a 2 trillion dollar bill. That is, on average, $6,000.00 per person in the country. The Ford company is today announcing they are going to make respirators. Japan postpones the Olympics for one year hoping the world will be on the other side of this virus. Good luck with that.

Update: It is now evening on 03/29/20 – 5 days later.

 There are now 722,000 documented cases worldwide and 34,000 deaths. Almost double of the last update. Trump said today he is extending social distancing rules for 30 more days to April 31. Fauci and Birx pointed to leading coronavirus models, which they said show that, even with social distancing and other mitigation measures in place, millions of Americans are anticipated to become infected and up to 200,000 could die.

Current US numbers: infected = 142,500 / dead = 2,500

Update: It is now afternoon 3/31/2020 – 2 days later

There are now 846,000 documented cases worldwide and 41,500 deaths
USA – infected 181,099 – dead 3,606

Again, we need to flatline the virus as rapidly as possible through isolation and immunize the economy during the time it takes to do that. It has to happen at the same time all over all at once.


Check out this Map