om.2011.122 – THE ASSEMBLING BOX # 14

om.2011.122 – THE ASSEMBLING BOX # 14


A5 box with contributions from 23 artists from 12 countries.
Visual poetry, collages, prints, multiples and objects.

40 copies signed and numbered 1/40 to 40/40
Only 15 copies available for sale
Price: 70 euro / 100 $ / 60 UK st.

Contributions from:

Reed Altemus, USA
Antic-Ham, South Korea
Fernando Garcia Delgado, Argentina
David Dellafiora, Australia
Henry Denander, Sweden
Joaquin Gomez, Spain
Antonio Gomez, Spain
Klaus Groh, Germany
Miguel Jimenez, Spain
Serse Luigetti, Italy
Leo Morrissey, USA
Keiichi Nakamura, Japan
Susanne Nickel, Germany
Hilda Paz, Argenina
Fritz Sauter, Switzerland
Skooter, USA
Litsa Spathi, Germany
Pete Spence, Australia
Christine Tarantino, USA
Thierry Tillier, Belgium
Richard Tipping, Australia
Cecil Touchon, USA
Francis Van Maele, Ireland

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